Paint and Canvas Facts:

Paint Type:

We provide a fine quality artist grade Latex Acrylic (water based) paint from a reputable artists paint manufacturer. The paint is very thick and intended to be mixed with water before application. Refer to the instruction manual for mixing. The paint is made to ASTM standards for durability and lasting color and is LEAD FREE. If you have health concerns, MSD (Material Safety Data) sheets can be made available upon email request. Clean brushes and surfaces with water before the paint dries.


Tube Size:

We have made sure there is twice the paint quantity you will need for each tube size and application.

The 75ml tubes are intended to be background and foreground colors and will cover the surface area of the entire canvas with a thin coating when mixed with water according to each instruction manual. We recommend using 1/2 the paint tube initially to assure there is enough paint for full coverage should the paint be applied to heavy initially.

The 53 ml tubes are intended to be accent color only. However, it is possible to thinly cover the entire canvas surface area with one of the small tubes when thinned with water. This opens up different options for those who are creative and want more color flexibility. There is enough accent color to apply extremely thick accent brush strokes if desired.

To assure full coverage, dip the brush no more than 1/4 inch into the paint container.


Paint Colors:

We have chosen coordinated colors to group together nicely. We have listed paint brand and color swatch number that can be acquired at Home Depot and select paint stores. Listed below are color designations and swatch numbers that match our paint colors. This is for your reference to coordinate wall colors or future projects.

Please be aware that the paint color you see on your computer screen can be significantly different than the true paint color. Our paint colors are much more rich and vibrant than what a computer screen can portray.


Working and Drying Time:

Our paint dries to the touch in approximately 1 hr at 70 degrees Fahrenheit so you can proceed with your project. If your temperature is higher it will dry faster and slower if the temperature is colder. Humidity also affects the drying time. Higher humidity makes drying time longer. Our instruction manuals recommend waiting 2 hrs for paint to dry completely before proceeding. However, with imagination and proper painting skills, painting while one paint is still wet can lead to creating exciting results.


Known Painting Issues:

When painting the initial background color some flaking of paint has been noticed at the canvas edges. This is caused due to flaking dried texture that is too thin to support the paint layer. To take care of this possible issue, before the texture dries wipe the edges of the canvas with a damp rag or sponge, or after the texture dries, use the dry paint brush and brush around the edges of the canvas to knock off any loose texture.


Premium Quality Canvas Features: (compare to blank canvases online for $65 and up)

Acid free, medium fine texture, 280g/m2 100% cotton.

Fully stretched and triple Gesso primed.

Tailored and cross stapled corners

Solid Fir frame with cross bracing and stapled every inch on back.



Color Sample Chart:

(Swatches Are Available at Home Depot Except P11)


P1 Copper - (Ralph Lauren - RM39)

P2 Platinum - (Behr -Metallic)

P3 Brown - (Ralph Lauren - Stable Brown - VM84)

P4 Yellow - (Ralph Lauren – Bicycle Yellow – IB72)

P5 Blue - (Ralph Lauren – Washed Denim – IB99)

P6 Red - (Behr – California Poppy – S-G-160)

P7 Green - (Behr – Green Acres – S-G-440)

P8 Orange - (Behr – Glowing Firelight – S-G-200)

P9 Turquoise - (Behr – Pacific Sea Teal – 510D-7)

P10 Sandstone - (Behr – Sandstone Cliff – 750C-3)

P11 Bright Blue- (Maimeri – Ultramarine - 390)

P12 Black - (Ralph Lauren – Bone Black – TH16)


Any other questions about our supplies contact:

Customer Service